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075275 83183        melissa. Brown@spritely-osteopathy. Com       home how we can help services for employers patient success stories what is osteopathy? What to expect our training our osteopaths treatable conditions ankle & foot problems arthritis back pain frozen shoulder head & neck pain jaw pain knee pain neck pain migraine post-surgery rehab pregnancy pains sinusitis sports injuries tension headache whiplash work strains & r. S. I fees & insurance on-line consultation contact us tension headache what are the symptoms of a tension headache? Tension-type headache pain is often described as a constant pressure, as if the head were being squeezed in a vice. The pain frequently presents on both sides of the head at once. In contrast to migraine, the pain does not increase during exercise. What causes a tension headache? Tension headaches are derived from muscle spasms in the neck and joint irritations which often come about from sustained work postures. Even an ache or problem in our lower back can lead us to sit differently so that we compensate through the neck and get a tension headache as a result. What can osteopathy do for tension headaches? We use a 'hands-on' approach in our treatment of your problem. We will reduce the muscle spasms and gently mobilise the joints of the neck and upper back. The upper back is often a stiff area which then causes the neck to over work. Our treatment will include advice on posture and prevention of further episodes. The innovation centre,cambridge science park, milton rd,cambridge cb4 0ey copyright © 2012 spritely osteopathy - privacy policy - developed by vi studios     tweet. Fer multiple care options for all of these conditions.     call us today to make an appointment for your personal evaluation. Combining the best of conventional medicine with the best of alternative and complementary therapies in cincinnati, ohio. Tension headache   tension headaches are the most common kind of headache.   tension headaches usually start at the back of your head and move forward, covering your whole head with a steady, dull pain. cheap generic viagra viagra online prescription buy cheap viagra generic viagra online buy generic viagra buy generic viagra on line buy generic viagra cheap generic viagra viagra for sale cheap viagra   signs and symptoms the headache starts at the back of your head and spreads. Dull pressure or a squeezing pain lasts from half an hour to several hours or days. Muscles in your neck, shoulders, and jaw are tight and sore. Aching usually continues through the day. Your headache does not feel worse if you move about.   causes when you feel tense, the muscles in your shoulders, neck, and jaw tighten up and press on blood vessels surrounded by nerves, making those nerves send pain messages to your brain. Causes include the following. Sitting too long or in. natural viagra in food